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Gold Line International charitable fund | Need money, get financial assistance to the Gold Line. Gold Line International. How does the system of financial aid Gold Line? On the system of international financial mutual Gold Line. How to pay and withdraw money in the Gold Line? Methods of payment and withdrawal of funds in the system of the Gold Line. Payment and collection of money at Gold Line International.


For centuries one of the most significant types of social activities is charity.

Charity - a mapping of humanity, ethics and spiritual wealth of human society as a whole and of each individual separately.

No chance for the development and promotion of charity desired by all civilized countries.

However, in the 21st century, in an era of great economic and political change, rapid technological progress society has become stale, to replace personal contact came computers and phones, which could not but affect the manifestation of the human qualities of compassion and mercy, and in such a social phenomenon as a charity.

In the rhythm of modern life, people are forced to concentrate more on the job, and they often do not have time to look around, and the motivation in the form of a "simple human thanks" has long expired.

And if commercial organizations involved in charity stimulated and encouraged by the state, the ordinary citizens often go unnoticed in this good work.

It is obvious that today the society must radically new solution that can make an additional motivation to each benefactor!

Every year around the world by individuals to charity
sent more than 100 billion dollars
we know how to increase this amount to ten times!

Our company has developed and launched a unique stimulus program whose goal is to bring together millions of people around the world in an effort to help each other.

We have created a stunning performance of his engine, capable of motivating people to actively engage in charitable activities and to give good to others!

The basis of this mechanism is the unshakable commandment:
"Treat others as you want others to do unto you!".

Taking part in the charity, and providing financial support to other people in the system of Gold Line, the man himself, in turn, becomes an object of public charity and receives financial support from people all over the world in his address.

Such personal motivation, backed by a sincere desire of man to do good works, no doubt, is the best engine of charity!

The whole world.

With the direct participation of the Gold Line Co. Ltd was established international charity Save the Children , "the whole world" .

Since October 2012 MBFPD "The World" was the central object of charity in our project.

Each participant Gold Line to the fund a charitable donation of $ 20 USD and 10 USD one time per year, according to the rules of the system, as well as daily involved in charity programs, providing both financial support and information!

Thus, a growing number of members of the international system of mutual financial assistance enables us to charity every month more and more significant amount!

Tight technical integration of Gold Line with BF "The World" allows us to make the process of charity only transparent: all amounts transaction participants are immediately reflected in the statement of revenue fund, given name, country and city of each benefactor.

Our goal - to create the largest international charity organization able to quickly solve the most complex problems.

We want to believe that in a few years, thanks to the fund, "the whole world" and the system "Gold Line International" we know the answer to the question "What would happen if all the people on earth will join forces in an effort to help those in need ..." .


Gold Line axiom "If you send money to another person,
he will get this money transfer.
If other people will send you money orders, you will receive these remittances! "

- That on this simple principle is based essence of Gold Line International.

Taking part in an international charity, and without providing financial support to other people, you yourself, in turn, become the object of public charity and donated will receive financial assistance from people all over the world in his address.

The amount of money you can get by being a member of Gold Line, is practically unlimited.

This can be 10, 50, 100 and even 1000 transfers a day!

The logical result of the development of Gold Line International is a substantial improvement of the financial situation of many people around the world, which undoubtedly has a high social value!

People who are not burdened by the need to constantly worry about their financial situation at all times, is the engine of scientific, technical and cultural progress of society, since they could afford to do that work, which is their vocation, and was not imposed a necessity or frustration ...

Thus, providing a constant rise in the material well-being of citizens, the international system of mutual financial assistance Gold Line directly promote the harmonious development of modern society and the strengthening of international relations.

The principles of the system.

Gold Line believes it necessary to inform all interested persons to participate in the international financial mutual following information:

    • Before becoming a member of the system, please read
      with the License Agreement.
      • Amount paid by you as a gift to other members of the system in a time of 70 USD and 45 USD per year, and the amount paid on account of payment system services (development and maintenance of the systems on the Internet) of $ 5 USD per year, are irrevocable. Citizens of the Russian Federation, to make payments in rubles at the rate of U.S. dollar to the Russian ruble, the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment.
        - Do not make the payment, if you do not want to give money to other members of the system.
        - Do not make the payment if someone leads you this deception or force.
      • We can not promise you that you will always get the money as a gift from other people.
      • We can not promise you that you will get rich instantly.
      • Example revenue considered in video and text presentations, is only one example of possible income, and demonstration of the system, and is not a public offer.
      • We caution you that if other people do not want to give you free financial aid, you will not get any amount donated.
      • The international financial mutual Gold Line is not a pyramid scheme. Organizer - Gold Line, does not accept contributions from members (deposits) at interest and does not promise any guaranteed income from participation in the system. All transactions in respect of financial assistance committed participants volunteered and donated directly between each other.
      • You get money as a gift exclusively from members who were registered in the system using the number on your invitation certificate, or a certificate in a queue which your name.
      • Gold Line provides a convenient online resource that allows you to use your own power and persuasiveness, inviting people donated to provide financial assistance to other people, to get money from them as a gift.
      • Only on yourself and your business skills and making depends whether you will get money as a gift from other people.
      • Internet resource for the organization of Gold Line and maintain it in a healthy state, software maintenance, organization of work, payment systems and banks, Gold Line establishes an annual fee of $ 5 USD per participant.
        citizens of, make payments in rubles at the exchange rate of U.S. dollar Russian ruble, the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment.
      • Our liability to you is limited to the performance of obligations:
        - to maintain Internet resource Gold Line in working condition;
        - the timely and accurate execution of instructions to execute transactions through the provision of financial assistance to be sent to the address of the participants, according to the general rules of the system;
        - Control and accounting messages sent and received sums of the gift.

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